Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wood you like peace on earth?

No, I didn't misspell the title. My newest Etsy listing is a pair of beautiful wooden peace signs made into earrings with blue and brown beads. My favorite part of these earrings is the blue flower. It makes them pop. The earrings are on nickle free earwires and cost $25.74 at

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While your on Etsy, check these items out!

No Room for Hate necklace.
I really like this one because it is a beautiful necklace with an even more beautiful message. $79 from lisanafalcon[]=tags&includes[]=title

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Pregnant Needle Felted Mama.

Can you tell I am interested in becoming a Midwife? This 6 inch wool doll is so cute and would make a perfect gift for a midwife,OB/GYN, and especially a pregnant woman. $40 from haddy2dogs[]=tags&includes[]=title

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Upcycled safe sex and pro-choice pocket watch collage.

Since I am interested in Midwifery, I also promote sex ed and safe sex. It may seem a little weird to some to see pro-midwifery and pro-choice items in the same blog, but it is possible to be pro-family and pro-choice.
$20 from reCognitionWatching[]=tags&includes[]=title

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