Thursday, September 17, 2009

11th sale!

Praise God, I sold my blue peace sign earrings! I am so happy.

I have relisted my peace sign phone charm. It is $4.30 at

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I also wanted to highlight some other cool etsians I just discovered. These shop sell American Indian Made items. Here we go!

1. Whirl Wind Dream Catcher by Highcloud. This beautiful little dreamcatcher is made from real leather and is 9.95 at

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2. Coyote Fur Medicine bag.
Medicine bags are sacred to many Indian tribes. They are used to store things that have an important meaning to you. You then wear it around your neck to keep those things close.I personally Have 3 deerskin medicine bags that I wear from time to time. This one is made out of leather and coyote fur and has a 32" strap. It is simply beautiful, and best of all, FREE SHIPPING. It's $30 and availible from RNA Creations at
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3. Medicine Wheel hair ties.
These beautiful hair ties are made by gentlewolf, who's shop is brand new. They are out of California and are American Indian owned. These hair ties feature beautiful medicine wheels, which the product description says represent the sacred 4 directions, life stages, and the Creator. Sold as a pair.$15 at

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