Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maneki Neko (the Lucky/Beckoning Cat of Japan)

Everyone who knows me knows that I love to collect Maneki Neko (aka Lucky or Beckoning Cat) figures. I have 16 of them so far, and that will soon increase to 18. They range in size from 6 inches tall to just under 2 1/2 inches. They come in all colors. The legend says that a maneki neko with the left paw raised attracts customers to a buisness. A cat with the right paw raised attracts money. A cat with both paws raised brings extra luck.

So lets show off some maneki neko products and hope that one of the stores is lucky enough to get a sale!

1. Traditional Maneki Neko Bank.

This traditional white maneki neko is a coin bank, although the stopper is missing. $10 from ohmermaidme at[]=tags&includes[]=title

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2. Maneki Neko Earrings.
These vute little smiling nekos are holding red fish and hang from sterling silver hooks. $12.50 from girlpirate.[]=tags&includes[]=title

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3.Maneki Neko magnet

This beautiful and unique maneki neko drawing has been made into a magnet. $4.50 from tigerpixie.[]=tags&includes[]=title

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4.This next shop is an Ebay store. The shop, called OrientalHands is based out of New York City and sells many unique Maneki Neko figures and banks. They also sell other beautiful Asian gifts. I have bought most of my maneki nekos from this shop, and I have always been very happy with their products and customer service. The prices are reasonable and they ship promptly. You can find the shop at

Here are some of the Maneki Nekos that I have bought from OrientalHands.


Triple Threat!

Purple Maneki Neko twins!

Good Luck to you!

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