Sunday, August 16, 2009

American Indian

Osiyo(Hi in Cherokee). As I have stated before, I am very proud of my American Indian heritage. I am Cherokee and Sioux on my mother's side, and I love learning everything I can about my heritage. So in this blog I will feature American Indian items that to the best of my knowledge were made by people with American Indian heritage. No cheap Chinese made dreamcatchers here!

1. Native American Hair Barrette/Pick.
This beautiful beaded barrette features the traditional colors of blue, yellow,black, and red. It is made of polyester,wood, and leather. The barrette is made my Joni Stitson who is of Creek and Cherokee heritage. She has many other beautiful items in her shop as well. $42 from

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2. Butterfly Dream catcher.
This large, beautiful dream catcher is a whopping 12 inches wide and 33 inches long. It is made with leather, sinew, and it is unique because it has a large butterfly woven in the center. The creators, RNA creations are a brand new shop on Etsy. They are of Chickasaw, Choctaw,Creek, and Cherokee heritage. The dream catcher is $45.00 and the shipping is free is the USA!
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3.Buckskin Medicine Bag.
This medicine bag is made from soft deerskin and has a painted hummingbird design. It was made by KiowaWolf,who is of Cherokee and Kiowa heritage. $6 from

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