Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cups and pads and tampons, oh my!

Here is a little warning: if you are squemish about body functions please hit your back button now.

Still here? Good. As you know, I am making an effort to 'go green' as much as possible. I was reading some of the 'green' websites and I found out that one of the biggest ways that we women contributed to waste and landfills is through using disposable pads and tampons during our periods. Then I heard about these things called menstrual cups. They are small bell shaped devices that sit in the vagina(like a tampon), but instead of absorbing the flow, They collect it. Cups are made out of two different materials: natural rubber(the Keeper) and silicone for those with latex allergies(DivaCup,Mooncup UK, Moon cup by Keeper, ect). After reading a lot of reviews from women on various blogs and sites, I decided to order the silicone Moon cup by Keeper(the only one made in the USA) and it arrived today. While I haven't had the chance to try it yet, I can tell you that the cup is very flexible and most women say that they cannot feel it at all once it's in. Best of all, They are reusuable, can last up to 10 years with proper care, and can be left in for up to 12 hours( there has NEVER been a case of TSS associated with cup use).

If you are interested in learning more about cups here are two great websites.
The moon cup by Keeper.
A great resource with tons of info on all the different cup styles and brands.

Now I will feature Etsy products that can help you 'go green' during your period including cloth pads and cup assesories.

1) If menstrual cups are not your thing but you still want to get away from disposable pads, then cloth menstrual pads may be just the thing. Cloth pads come in all sizes and absorbancies. The best part is that a lot of them are mae out of fun,funky cloth.

This is a set of four cloth pads made from fleece and cotton. The set consists of one 11 inch overnight pad, 2 medium pads, and one light pad. All of the cloth is vegan friendly. They have a waterproof layer to help prevent leaks.
$31.00 from VulvaLoveLovely at[]=tags&includes[]=title

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2) Purple cloth pad.
This pad is made from flannel and has organic bamboo batting in it's center to make it more absorbant. It is for regular flow and has a pretty pruple color. $6.60 from Randumosity at

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3) Menstrual cup bag.

This cute little bag can be used to carry and store your menstrual cup between periods. Made from 100% cotton in a cute ice cream cone shape, it's fun and discreet. $11.99 from plasticcupcake at[]=tags&includes[]=title

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Ladies here's to happier, healthier, and greener periods!

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